Audio Visual
& Lighting

Audio Visual & Lighting Rental Inventory Software

IntelliEvent Lightning is leading event management software for the audio visual and lighting rental companies.

Light Up
Your Events

Don’t sweat! IntelliEvent Lightning is here to help you manage your rental inventory with ease.

Colorful crowd of uncrecognized people of a big music festival or concert in a stage lights as a beautiful background
Microphone in front businesspeople blurred in conference meeting room

Your Customers

Use the CRM module within IntelliEvent Lightning to pay attention to the details and provide your customers best in class service.

Your Team

Manage your team and hold them accountable with their daily duties by using IntelliEvent Lightning Global Labor Planning module.

Stage lights flooding a theather at an entertainment event, with blue and purple light beams, lighting equipments and steel structures.

We recently went live on IntelliEvent Lightning.  My team has been extremely impressed by the service and support from the IntelliEvent team.

Matt Emerson

CEAVCO Audio Visual

IntelliEvent is a true partner.  Amazing training and support.  When it comes to making the software better…..they listen well, are patient, and continue to help our business improve its efficiencies in all areas.   We are always happy to host a demonstration here at our main office in Montreal.

Martin Blanchard


IntelliEvent is a true partner, like us, 100% focused on the events industry.  As our industry has changed, they too have changed for the better.  We recommend IntelliEvent to all of our peers in the event industry.

Heidi Brumbach

Technisch Creative