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IntelliEvent is a state of the art software company that has produced two inventory managment solutions; Express, and most recently, a cloud-based solution know as Lightning. IntelliEvent is 100% event focused, and ready to help your company Innovate, Learn, and Grow. Our partners specialize in Audio, Audio Visual, Hotel AV, Lighting, Theatrical, Staging, Back Line, Party, Tent Special Effects, etc. IntelliEvent was founded by Don Romeka in 1998, who then set about building development, support, training, sales and marketing operations with the drive to always improve and look toward the future. Since that time, IntelliEvent has grown to over 1,500 customers throughout North America, South America, Europe and Australia. IntelliEvent’s team consists of over 30 professionals, dedicated to our partners, working in offices within California, Texas and Toronto. IntelliEvent is an Extreme Impact Company with headquarters in beautiful Monterey, California.
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Why Choose Us?

100% Event Focused Company

With our focus on the event industries, you're guaranteed to have your company needs fullfilled. Ask our best in class customers and see how we've helped grow their business!

Best in Class Software

We've developed a cutting edge CLOUD-BASED software solution for YOU and only YOU. Our focus is to work as partners and help your business grow.

Technical Software Support & Training

We have a highly experienced and talented support team that love this product and look foward to helping you improve your business.

Investing In The Future

30% of our revenues are invested in R&D. Our company is committed to attending all industry trade shows and we strive to Consistently advance our software based on user forum feedback.

Focused Development

Every business is unique: you need it, we do it. Our focused development is an incredible tool that benefits all partners.


EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON TRUST! At IntelliEvent, you're not just a customer, you're a partner. Just ask one of our partners today!
2100 Partners
1500 Users
14 Awards
777777 Line Of Code

The Lightning Solution

This cloud-based, full-featured, event management system is built for Small/Medium businesses and large global enterprises. A scalable system that’s built for today, tomorrow, and everything after, IntelliEvent Lightning is your strategic edge. The software solution is created to evolve and change to work in the cloud and to grow with your business. Designed from the ground up, IntelliEvent Lightning is a customized solution with the flexibility to manage your workflow for your specific business. With a powerful SQL back-end using an industrial strength data repository, Lightning can manage the largest storage requirements while providing integration opportunities to share data across the business infrastructure.

  • Cloud-Based Platform
  • Scalability from one to a thousand Users
  • Inventory Tracking with Barcode Intergration
  • Comprehensive Labor Management
  • Generate quotes, invoices, and pullsheets
  • Intergration with QuickBooks Accounting Software
  • Integration with Shipping and Tax Calculation Data Web Services
  • Integration with Credit Card Processing
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Our Partners

Town & Country
Town & Country
ON Event Services
San Jose Earthquakes
San Jose Earthquakes

AV & Lighting

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The Family

Person Name Don Romeka Founder & CEO
Don Romeka Founder & CEO In 1997, while at MIIS Don founded a company called Extreme Impact, Inc. (EI) EI was formed as a holding company to acquire Full Profile Video Profile
Person Name Dave Conklin Director of Sales
Dave Conklin Director of Sales

Dave is the Director of sales and has over 20 years of experience. Dave comes from a diverse background of Sales, Business Development, Product Training and Implementation.

Full Profile Video Profile
Person Name Andrew Sylvia Strategic Operations Manager
Andrew Sylvia Strategic Operations Manager Coming Soon! Video Profile
Person Name Dana Smith Success Team Manager
Dana Smith Success Team Manager

Team manager since 2014. He has an M.B.A. with a focus on Information Systems and 8 years of small business hospitality experience.

Video Profile
Person Name Troy Blank Account Executive
Troy Blank Account Executive

EI Account Executive since 2014 - Former student athlete with a B.S. in Business Administration - 3 years experience in Event Operations.

Video Profile
Person Name Andy Bunyard Director of Customer Care
Andy Bunyard Director of Customer Care

Director of Customer Care, 16 years with IntelliEvent / Extreme Impact Inc., 27 years of experience in the Audio Visual industry

Video Profile Coming Soon!
Person Name Jessie Welton Accounting
Jessie Welton Accounting

Accounting Manager since 2014, 6 years of banking experience.

Video Profile Coming Soon!
hrach team image Hrach Balmanukyan Head of Development
Hrach Balmanukyan Head of Development

Sr. Lightning Architect since 2014, with 11 years of application development experience, B.S. in Computer Science and minor in Mathematics.

Video Profile
Person Name Mike Ankley Developer
Mike Ankley Developer Coming Soon! Video Profile
Person Name E. Chuck Nunez Customer Care Manager
Chuck Customer Care Manager

Customer Care Manager, 2 ½ years with Extreme Impact Inc., 16 years of experience in Quality Assurance and Technical Support discipline.

Video Profile
Person Name Nick Melese Customer Care & Implementation Specialist
Nick Customer Care & Implementation Specialist

Lightning Expert since July 2013. He has a Bachelor of Business Administration and worked for five years as an IT Technician at the Naval Postgraduate School.

Video Profile
Person Name Yadira Rudoni Accounting Specialist
Yadira Accounting Specialist

Accoutn manager for IntelliEvent. Joeined Extreme Impact in June 2014, with 9 years of banking experience.

Video Profile
Person Name Joel Hopkins Website Design/Customer Care Representative
Joel Website Design/Customer Care Representative

Head of website design, and part of the marketing team. If you want an efficient, quality and productive website that increases business, give us a call!

Video Profile
Person Name Kaydee Perreria Account Executive
Kaydee Account Executive

Joined the EI Team in 2014, former student athlete and 6 years in the hospitality industry.

Video Profile Coming Soon!
Person Name Matt Dipietro Director of Video Production
Matt Director of Video Production

Director of Video Production: joined the Lightning team in June, 2014. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Cinematic Arts & Technology with 8+ years working in video production.

Video Profile
Person Name Adam Luba Inside Sales Consultant
Adam Inside Sales Consultant Coming Soon! Video Profile
Person Name Nic Paige Customer Care Representative
Nic Paige Customer Care Representative

Customer Care Intern: Success team member since 2015 originally from Washington. Master Repair Specialist, but his passions are photography and soccer.

Video Profile
Person Name Jamie Clark Customer Care Representative
Jamie Clark Customer Care Representative

Support specialist in the Extreme Impact Success Center. Studying math and international business at University of Texas, Arlington.

Video Profile

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Address Main Office : 560 Fremont Street - Monterey, CA 93940
Phone Numbers Main Office : 1-800-348-2486 Customer Support : 1-800-348-2486 x2001 Sales : 1-800-348-2486 x2003
Email Address Customer support : support@intellievent.com

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