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IntelliEvent is committed to getting as much face-to-face time as possible with our customers, prospects and peers, so we take every opportunity to join the top gatherings in the rental industry.

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IntelliEvent 2020 Global Summit

IntelliEvent 2020 Global Summit virtually brings together Lightning users, prospects and partners for networking, knowledge sharing and the latest Lightning developments. This is a unique opportunity for our guests to become Lightning experts while connecting with others in the industry. This Summit will be virtually hosted from Monterey, Santa Clara, Denver, and London.

IntelliEvent is a proud supporter of the Boys and Girls Clubs of Monterey. Register and enter our 50-50 raffle for a chance to win a minimum of $2000!

8 am – 10 am PT (Session 1)

Motivational Keynote Speaker – J.J. Collier
IntelliEvent 2020 Development Highlights
50/50 Boys and Girls Clubs Raffle

10 am – 12 pm PT (Session 2)

IntelliEvent Breakout Training Sessions: Logistics/Operations, Labor Management, Quoting/IntelliSign, CRM/Dashboard, Routing, Reporting, Inventory Management



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