IntelliEvent Profitability Summit a Huge Success

The 2021 IntelliEvent Profitability Summit has wrapped and with tremendous success! Over 25 like minded professionals converged at the IntelliEvent headquarters in Monterey, CA for three days of one-on-one training sessions, focus groups and opportunities to bond with their peers.

Here’s what our attendees are saying about IPS held September 28-October 1, 2021. 

“This is my second time in person at IPS. The first time we had just gone live with the software and we wanted to get a little extra assistance and a feel for what other clients were hoping for in Lightning. Both times we received invaluable help from the developers in our one on one time. Then to target the developers with the group discussions about what direction we would like to see the product go and to know that they are listening by their interaction is reassuring about the payoff in the long term.”

Jay Simpson- Advanced Staging

“IntelliEvent Summit was amazing. One the best Industry events I’ve been to in the last 18 months. Haha…Just kidding… In the last 5 years. If this event was a football player it would be the GOAT himself, Nick Foles. You guys bring a great product and great people together from all over the country and somehow make it feel like I’m home for Thanksgiving dinner. I learned, I networked and I felt like a valued partner. Keep up the great work. I can’t wait until next year.”

Ryan McLaughlin- Advanced Staging

“I enjoyed attending ISP as a first timer. Hearing from other users helped to reinforce some thoughts on Lightning. One on one time with the dev team was invaluable. I’ll be back!”

Michael Crawford- CMI

“It was great meeting the amazing team at IntelliEvent and networking with like-minded professionals on how to improve our efficiency.”

Mark Sexton- L!VE Technologies 

“I really appreciated the collaborative approach in enabling customers to engage back and forth directly with the development team with the goal of really ensuring the software best meets the needs of its clients. This is very refreshing and much appreciated approach to software development that will ultimately make IntelliEvent a true best of breed solution for the audiovisual rental industry”

Tim Lang- Proshow Audiovisual

“Worth every minute of the time spent. It is rare that a company invests in their customers in an effective way. This is the unicorn of user conferences.”

Russell Callahan- Quest Events

“The culture you’ve built in your organization is something very special, and I’m proud to consider myself a small part of it. Please share our gratitude with the team. Each one demonstrates an impressive passion for the customer and a clear dedication to the partnership. Looking forward to what’s ahead!”

Ryan Birch- Quest Events

“The entire event was extremely useful! We were able to get bugs solved, ideas heard, and even a bit of fun was had. We are already saving money based on the fixes we were able to take care of during the one on one times. And the whole team was a pleasure to meet!”

Bridget Nohalty- Vincent Lighting Systems

“IPS is a great way to meet with my peers and discuss ways to better our business practices and also strike up new relationships to help us all succeed!”

Robbie Dalley- WEBB

“I highly recommend attending IPS. It is equally informative and enjoyable. I always learn something new about features and options in the software or new ways that other users are solving their business problems with IE. The team goes out of their way to make sure you get what you want out of the event, and Don always makes sure that the entire group has fun!”

Sara Beeman- Majic Productions

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