7 Reasons to Attend IPS 2022

Still on the fence about attending the IntelliEvent Profitability Summit in Monterey? Here are just a few reasons that are sure to clinch the deal! Click here to sign up for IPS in Monterey, September 20-22, 2022.

  • Focus Groups – Join conversations that will positively impact your IntelliEvent experience and enhance current functionality. 

  • One-on-One Time – Spend quality time with Developers and Project Managers/Trainers IN PERSON… priceless.

  • Breakout Training Sessions – Attend training on an end-to-end workflow that is most important to your needs. We will have scanners and equipment to provide a full walk through. 

  • Get to Know your Modules – These modules will enhance your use of the IntelliEvent software. Become a pro at your current modules and learn about other features that can benefit your business.

  • Development Enhancement – Make an extreme impact on the future development of IntelliEvent as we prepare the 2023 Roadmap. 

  • Network– Get together with other event industry professionals from companies of all sizes. Share stories, discuss ways to work together and enjoy events we have planned or on your own.

  • Oktoberfest– Taste your way through Monterey’s local beers during a fun networking cocktail hour where each vendor will feature a different libation.

Click here to sign up for IPS, September 20-22, 2022