7 Reasons to Attend IPS 2021

Still on the fence about attending the IntelliEvent Profitability Summit in Monterey? Here are just a few reasons that are sure to clinch the deal! 

Click here to sign up for IPS, September 28 – October, 2021. 

  1. Focus Groups – Join conversations that will positively impact your IntelliEvent experience and enhance current functionality. 
  1. One-on-One Time – Spend quality time with Developers and Project Managers/Trainers IN PERSON… priceless.
  1. Breakout Training Sessions – Become IntelliEvent Certified! Attend training on an end-to-end workflow that is most important to your needs. We will have scanners and equipment to provide a full walk through. 
  1. Deep Dive into IntelliEvent – Development has been busy! We have over 200 enhancements in the software over the last 18 months and more to come.  

  1. Get to Know your Modules – These modules will enhance your use of the IntelliEvent software. Become a pro at your current modules and learn about other features that can benefit your business.

-Pre-Production Job Costing
-Assembly/Installation Module
-IntelliTime (labor job costing)
-Scan items by Sets
-Temporary Kits
-IntelliSign (digital signature)
-Customer Survey
-Discussion logs for Jobs
-Website Integration
-Gantt Views – Product, Labor, Jobs
-Report filters, ROI, Utilization 
-Production checklist
-Drag and Copy on Job Screen
-Suggestion Pop Ups

  1. Development Symposium – Make an extreme impact on the future development of IntelliEvent as we prepare the 2022 Roadmap. 
  1. Network– Get together with other event industry professionals from companies of all sizes. Share stories, discuss ways to work together and enjoy events we have planned or on your own.


Executive Roundtables– Selected execs can participate in focused discussions with other like minded professionals. 

Click here to sign up for IPS, September 28 – October, 2021. 

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